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BBC ONE Idents (ManvsMachine / BBC Creative)

Music and Sound Award 2022 (Nomination)

Plume (FutureDeluxe / Wacom)
Creativepool Annual 2018 - Gold
Music and Sound Award 2018

Ciclope (Bjorn-Erik Aschim / Max Taylor / Ciclope Festival)
Music and Sound Award 2017

Versus (ManvsMachine / Maxon)
Music and Sound Award 2017 (Nomination)


Film4 Rebrand (ManvsMachine / 4Creative / Channel 4)
D&AD Black Pencil 2015
Cannes Silver Lion 2015
Music and Sound Award 2015
Promax Gold 2014

Nike Mercurial (ManvsMachine / Nike)
Animated Com Award ITFS 2015
Music & Sound Award 2015 (Nomination)

Chaos & Order (Silent Studios / Anya Hindmarch)
Berlin Fashion Film Festival Official Selection

Okabu (Hand Circus)
Develop Awards 2012 (Nomination)
Music & Sound Award 2012 (Nomination)

We are an award winning music and sound design studio, specialising in bespoke audio for the advertising and broadcast industries, and working with global brands direct.
Over the past 17 years, we have worked for clients including Adidas, Audi, the BBC, Canal+, Channel 4, Google, Honda, ITV, Nike, Range Rover, Toyota and Volvo.

We also have considerable experience developing audio for physical environments and interactive installations and have exhibited work all over the world in cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo.

In 2023, we launched a new audio practice called MindFidelity that is focused on crafting immersive sound installations that faithfully capture the essence of authentic natural surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Japanese tradition of "forest bathing,” the ambition is to create sensorial encounters that will help people reduce stress and anxiety and support their mental and emotional well-being.

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